Christian-Eric Falardeau
Welcome to my Website

On this site you will be able to learn a little about me, but hopefully more
about my characters and the situations in which I plunge them regularly.

Current Projects

    Helixes of Life
    A science-fiction novel exploring evolution, genetics, chaos, fractals
    and their scientific and philosophical ramifications.

    Stage: First revision in French completed.
    Target date: November or December 2009 (English)
    Size: ~450 pages

    The Loose Alliance
    A sequel to the Alas League saga.

    Stage: Detailed planning and early production
    Target date: This project is still subject to shelving
    Size: ~1000 pages (3 novels)

    Left Behind
    A "philosophical" novel in the style of The Simplicity of Life discussing
    various motivational factors driving human interactions.

    Stage: Gathering thoughts
    Target date: This project is still subject to shelving
    Size: ~260-300 pages

Latest News

May 23, 2009        Page dedicated to Helixes of Life completed
A first version of the text that would normally appear on the back cover is now
available on the page dedicated to
Helixes of Life.

April 18, 2009        Three free, complete novels in eBook PDF
In order to gather more feedback I am making three full novels available as
eBook-reader compatible PDF files. See
here for more information.

April 18, 2009        Launching new site
This is the one! After many, many years of wanting to revamp my site, I finally
got both the time and opportunity to do it. The content has not changed
much, but I think the navigation is much improved and the look is also better
(despite the fact that my pictures appear more often than before!)

April 16, 2009        Introducing Helixes of Life
I have completed today the first draft of the original version (French) of a new
novel called "Hélices de vie". Work has been progressing very well and I am
confident to have an early copy for guinea pigs early June. My intention, so
far, is to start on the English version around July to be ready for proofreading
in September and October.

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